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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to our website! I hope you will find it informative and useful.  The purpose of the website is to give you a flavour of our school, give you information about what we do and bring together our school community.
We are situated in the lovely village of Crook of Devon, near Kinross.  We have 5 primary classes and a nursery.  We are fortunate to have a large open plan Early Years area where nursery, P1, P2 and P3 all work, play and learn together.  We also have lovely spacious grounds in which to learn and play.  Local woodlands close to the school also provide great opportunities for outdoor learning.
Partnerships with parents and the local community are highly valued and we encourage the involvement of all in a variety of ways. We have a very supportive PTA which organises fund raising events and our Parent Council is involved in supporting the school's improvement priorities.
We pride ourselves on our ability to create a happy and safe environment for our pupils and strive to ensure each individual child's needs are met.  We are committed to working with you to make sure that, by the time pupils leave us, they have achieved the highest standards of which they are capable.  We are also committed to making learning fun and encouraging all our learners to develop a life-long love of learning.
If you would like to know more or would like to visit our school, please do not hesitate to get in touch or drop in - we would love to meet you. Please also follow us on Twitter @Fossoway_ps

Fiona Allan


26-06-2019 12:30: Lunch Menu:

Start Time: 26-06-2019 12:30

End Time: 26-06-2019 13:15

Additional Info: Choice 1: Chinese Rice with Chicken. Choice 2: Oven Baked Sausages with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes. Choice 3: Chinese Rice with Mushrooms (V). Choice 4: Turkey Sandwich with Potato Salad Sides: Bread, Salad, Carrots Dessert: Sponge* with Berry Sauce (V), Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt

26-06-2019 12:35: Football - Lunchtime Club

Start Time: 26-06-2019 12:35

End Time: 26-06-2019 13:35

Additional Info: Outdoor PE Kit including trainers must be worn.   Shin guards if possible.

27-06-2019 12:30: Lunch Menu:

Start Time: 27-06-2019 12:30

End Time: 27-06-2019 13:15

Additional Info: Starter: Breadsticks* with Dip (V) Choice 1: Traditional Mince with Doughballs* and Mashed Potatoes. Choice 2: Turkey Burger in a Bun* with Sweet Chilli Pasta Salad. Choice 3: Traditional Quorn Mince with Doughballs* and Mashed Potatoes (V). Choice 4: Chicken Sandwich with Sweet Chilli Pasta Salad Sides: Bread, Salad, Broccoli Dessert: Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt

27-06-2019 18:00: P7 School Prom

Start Time: 27-06-2019 18:00

End Time: 27-06-2019 21:00

Additional Info: Tickets £8

Please return completed forms to School office.


28-06-2019 10:00: P7 Leavers Assembly in Church

Start Time: 28-06-2019 10:00

End Time: Invalid date


Leavers Assembly 28.6.19

If you are available to help walk with the classes up to Church on Friday we would be very grateful. Leaving school at around 9.30am. Please contact the school office if you can help us. Thank you


P7 Prom 27th June 2019

Help request from the Prom Committee. If you are free to help between 6pm & 9pm on Thursday evening they would be very grateful. Preferably not our P7 parents. Please contact either Andrea Fraser (Committee Member) or the school office. Thank You


Parent Response - School Reports

The deadline for Parent Response to be returned to school was today. Please ensure that they are returned to school on Monday please. Thank You


Library Bus

It is the final library bus visit of the year tomorrow - please check for library books and bring them in to school. This is a good opportunity for a book amnesty - no questions will be asked or eyebrows raised if you are late in returning them!


P7 Tea & Cakes

P7 & Tea & Cakes - Tuesday 25th June - 2.15pm Parents and Carers are invited to Tea and Cakes at 2.15pm. This is an informal event to sign off P7 and will also involve launching our Yearbook and Storybook 500 products.


Parent Help Required

If any parents have a few hours to spare over the next few days, we would really appreciate your help. There is a mountain of lost property that needs sorting out. Thanking you in advance for your support in this request.


Summer Cricket Camps Flyer

Please see News item dated today, 17th June for Summer Cricket Camps Flyer.


P1-P3 Sharing Assembly

We look forward to seeing our P1-P3 parents at the Sharing Assembly on Friday 21st of June. We would like to remind everyone that space is limited in the school hall, therefore we must request that only 2 adults per family attend the assembly.


Boxes, Boxes, Boxes!

Just a gentle reminder that tomorrow is Play Day Afternoon and all pupils are asked to bring a box to school - any shape, any size! (within reason!)


Fairtrade Tuck Shop

REMINDER Fairtrade tuck shop is on all next week starting on Monday 17th of June. # Eat Fair