Duty of Candour Annual Report 21-22.pdf

Headteacher Newsletter November 2022.pdf

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HT Report for Parent Council 18th May 2022.pdf

Fossoway S&Q Report 2021-22.pdf

March Newsletter

Duty of Candour report 2020-21.pdf

January Newsletter

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PC Financial StatmentApr 20 - May 21.pdf

HT report for Parent Council 17th November 2021.pdf

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HT report for Parent Council AGM 8th September 2021.pdf

PC Financial Statement May - Aug 21.pdf

Fossoway Nursery Welcome Video

Fossoway Nursery Handbook for Aug 2021.pdf

School Fund Summary page 19-20 Fossoway.pdf

Independent Examiner's Report 1920 Fossoway (003).pdf

Fossoway SQ Report 2020-21.pdf

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PC Financial Statment Apr - May 21.pdf

PC Final Minutes of meeting of 17 Feb 2021.pdf

Newsletter April 2021

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Newsletter June 2020

Newsletter May 2020

Duty of Candour report 2019-20.pdf

NEWS Feb 2020.pdf

Parent Council minutes 5_2_20.pdf

HT Report for Parent Council 5 Feb 2020.pdf

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FPS PC Minute 06 11 19 FINAL.pdf

Financial Statement for PC meeting 06 11 19.pdf

Fossoway ELAV FINAL.pdf

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NEWSLETTER Aug 2019.pdf

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PC Financial Statement AGM 2019.pdf

Education Scotland Role of Parent Councils.pdf

School Improvement Plan Update 15th May 2019.pdf

FPS PC Minutes 15 05 19.pdf

Fossoway Primary School Nursery - Inspection Report June 2019.pdf

Fossoway SIP 2019-20 Parents.pdf

Fossoway SQ Report 2018-19.pdf

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PC Financial Statement 20 03 19.pdf

School Improvement Plan Update 20th March 2019.pdf

FPS PC Minutes 20 03 19.pdf

Fossoway PS - School Fund Certificate and Summary 2017-18.pdf

Fossoway Behaviour and Social Wellbeing Policy edited.pdf

Fossoway Anti Bullying Policy.pdf

Fossoway PS Handbook 2019-2020.pdf

PTA minutes 14 oct 2018.pdf

PCminutes 03 10 18 AGM final.pdf

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